Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dutch Lady Smart Moments Contest

Contest date: 1 December 2011 - 15 January 2012.

Excerpt: Kids are just so smart these days. They may see you doing something and before you know it, they are able to do it themselves or use whatever they have observed or heard, in a different, refreshing way. Their clever antics will just catch you by surprise sometimes. We're sure you have these memorable moments with your child as well, so do share your child's smart stories with us and stand a chance to see your smart child in the limelight!

You will receive 50 rewards points for every entry submitted. So the more entries you submit, the more reward points you'll get and the higher your chances to win! 

The Prize: Join the "Get Smart, Get Famous" Contest and the Top 3 winners with the best stories will see their child on Dutch Lady Growing Up Milk packs. The Top 10 finalists will also walk away with a scholarship worth RM 50,000* each and appear in the popular "Nona" program on TV3 as well.

The Steps: 

Step 1: Buy any Dutch Lady Growing Up Milk pack
Step 2: Share your child's smartness story with us in any of these 3 ways; a written story and/or photo and/or video.
Step 3: Submit your entries with proof of purchase!


Good luck to all your mommas and papas out there!

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